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3 Creative Online Business Ideas Start With 100 Dollar

It’s no secret that nowadays many people make a living with the internet. In fact, you can make an unlimited amount of money with the online business. Online business is so lucrative although it needs only a few dimes to start that have million dollar potential.

So today I am going to share with you the best creative online business ideas that you can start with less than 100 dollars.

Let’s started…..

Blogging: what you need to know start blogging?

When it comes to earning money online, the first things come to mind is blogging. So what exactly is blogging? A blog is an online discussions platform where displaying any specific information with chronological order.  A blog usually writes frequently and the user is allowed to leave their opinion.

Now anyone can start a blog some simple steps. You need some basic knowledge before starting a blog. There is a lot of information out there in the online that is enough to learn about blogging.

Before starting a blog,  you need to select a niche (a topic), a content management system like WordPress, a domain and hosting.

I must say, you choose a niche that you interested in. if you have a hobby that very much interested in you can start with that. Then you need to a domain name and hosting. So what are domain and hosting? A domain is an identity of your blog where people can access your blog. Hosting is where your blog stored. If you don’t store your blog in any hosting it’s not accessible for none.  

You also need a platform where you can share your writing that called CMS (content management system). I must recommend you to start with WordPress because that has many cool plugins and themes. you don’t need any coding knowledge to design your blog.

you can design your website with some awesome plugins and tool. After you finished website design it is time to publish your content on your website. For more information, you can check out the awesome blog postyou only need less than 100 dollars to buy hosting, domain and a paid theme.

How to earn money from your blog

So You buy hosting and domain, design your WordPress blog and publish some cool content.

Now it’s time to earn money from your blog. there are a lot of ways you can earn money from Your blog. The best way to earn money from your blog is Ad, affiliate marketing, advertising.

As a beginner blogger, at first, you should try Google Adsense. Google AdSense is an advertising company that run by Google. This program designed for the website owner who wants to earn money to display text, video, Image advertisement to their website. When web visitors click the ad, the website owner earns some money.

You can also earn money to sell ebooks, courses, and the sponsored post. Earning money from blogging is limitless.  If you have awesome SEO, Copywriting knowledge,  you can increase your earning day by day

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2. Affiliate marketing: Make money while you sleep

Affiliate marketing is the process that you get commission to sell other stuff in your marketing platform. It can be your website, youtube channel, mobile app. You get a commission when web visitor buying stuff through your affiliate link

The best part is you make money while you sleep.

Now I am going through step by step how to make money with affiliate marketing

At first, you need to choose a specific niche where a group of people interested in. go as specific as you can. Your work is solved the problem they face.

To promote affiliate products you need a marketing channel. It can be a website, youtube channel or other platforms. I recommend you start with a website because it is easy to monetize and support all affiliate marketplace.

If you have genuine information in your website that helps readers, you will surely enjoy passive income while you sleep.

There is lot affiliate marketer in the internet who earn enough money to travel all over the world. Here you can get some success story to inspired. You can copy the pro affiliate marketer path and get success.


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3  Create and Sell online courses

Have you any great skill that wants to learn other?

Is Teaching fun for you? Then you have great news. You will earn a lot of money in a short time.

The best part is you create a course at a once and people buy your course again and again. That is called passive income.

So how do you able to create an online course

1. Choose a topic

2. Branstrom and create a course outline

3. Create your awesome content

4. Publish your course online

5. Set a price for your course

6. And at last, launch your first course

To launch your first online course you need a publishing platform. Below i am going to share with you some great platform where you create and sell your cool course

1. TeachableTeachery

2. Thinkific

3. Udemy

4. ispring

Bingo. Now you are ready to create an online course.

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Final thoughts

That is the most creative online business idea. What individual business suit for you, Comment in below and if you like this post please share this post in social media so that your friends also can start a creative online business.

4 thoughts on “3 Creative Online Business Ideas Start With 100 Dollar”


    Awesome post. I think making courses is the best and easiest of them to start. For blogging and affiliate marketing, you require a lot of traffic and a person could get really impatient.

    1. Thanks Ashish for your view.

      As a beginner, you can choose any of them but make a course need some skill such as video making, editing, and presentation. if you good all of them then you’re set. I think blogging is easiest to start. so it depends on person to person.

    1. Good decision Smith. blogging is a serious business. at first, it seems blogging is a daunting task but it worth learning and it helps you a better person. thanks for your great question.

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