5 Eye-opening Lessons I’ve Learned From 3 Months Of Blogging
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5 Eye-opening Lessons I’ve Learned From 3 Months Of Blogging

I have been blogging 3 month from now.

It’s small time but I learned some big lessons.

I used to think blogging is smooth. I’ll write some useful content, share it social media, people read and buy from me. Eventually, I earn a lot of money. How easy it is?

But I am wrong. No one looked at me. I have begged social media: here is my link, click here. It didn’t work

Here is my stat:

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13 comment, 1757 views, 7 posts, in 3 months.

Do you feel bad for me? Thank you so much, my friend.

In this 3 month, I earned nothing but some Eye-opening lesson. I hope those lessons help you too.

lets get started

You’re not the only blogger

But also a copywriter, social media marketer, email marketer, web designer, graphics designer, search engine optimizer, and what not?

You need to do write your blog post, create blogs graphics, optimize it for the search engine, promote in social media and even sometimes you need to design your blog.

It’s really hard work. It’s challenging. That’s why many bloggers give up in their first year.

But the fact is that I love to learn new things. It resonates me. So it’s a positive sign.

So if you’re a blogger, accept you’re not the only blogger. You have to do a lot of things.

Professional Blogging takes time

It is frustrating to see no real visitor. It seems blogging doesn’t work for me.

But I know, blogging isn’t a cat and mouse game.
It takes so much time.

But most people give up so early when their blog just starting to grow up.

Let’s Take a look at this screenshot

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For 2 year, GERALDINE didn’t get any real visitor in her blog. But then, it is history.

have you stamina to keep continue blogging long 2 years without results?

If not, I must say blogging is not for you.

SEO sucks

Yes. you heard it right.

In the early days of blogging, It does not matter how low competitive keyword you target, you won’t rank.

Instead, create some quality, in-depth content that make some buzz in the blogosphere.

And yes. It worked for me. I wrote a 5000-word comprehensive guide- how to start a successful blog that gets 38 shares in just 15 days, better than other content in my blog.

And when you’ll get some momentum, your domain authority increase, you could target low competitive keyword.

As a new blogger, Social media is the best traffic generation method

I received all the traffic from social media. It’s impossible to get traffic from the search engine as a new blogger.

So, I focus on some best performing social media. Quora, Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest worked for me.
I have seen a lot of bloggers found success in Pinterest in their early days. It’s not impossible to get thousands of visitors in a month with Pinterest. You just need some strategic approach.

Super specific niche perform better

I didn’t care about niche when I started. I thought, I know something about blogging, WordPress, affiliate marketing, SEO and make money, so start with that.

This was the mistake. In the internet marketing niche, all the people write about that.

I could have started with a more specific niche like blogging for moms.

It makes me an authoritative writer easily because many people don’t write about this.

Write amazing headlines

the headline is the first thing people notice. If your headlines suck, no one read your copy.

Out of 10 people, 8 people read the headline and only 2 people read the copy.

That’s why headlines matter the most

Write concise, an emotional headline that grabs people attention. Try to use numbers in your headline.

Final word

Blogging is not a hobby anymore. It turned into audacious business now. So take it as seriously as other business.

That’s the way you only get success in blogging.

I hope you find these lessons helpful. If so please give a share this post.

Do you know, sharing is caring?

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  1. Hi, everything you said in this article is absolutely true. Same thing happened with me too. Thanks for sharing. Definitely I will share your story in my community. Because, newcomers who want to join in this industry need to know this truth.

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