How to make money with WordPress in 48 hours
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Is It Possible to make money with WordPress in 48 hours

Want to make money with WordPress in 48 hours?

Is it really possible?

I frankly say it is possible. But you need some strategic approach to apply in your WordPress website.

today I am going to share with you how to make money with WordPress in 48 hours.

In fact, I guide you step by step process to do that.


Let’s dive right in

Set up WordPress website: How to make money with WordPress in 48 hours

If you already have a setup website then you’re done. But for who don’t know how to set up a website, you’re going to learn how to set up a website.

First, select a topic that you want to write on your website. It can be anything that you capable to write. you don’t need a master of this topic. Just make sure you’re interested in this topic.

Then choose a domain name for your website. When you choose a domain name, make sure your domain name easy to type, short and memorable. You can register your domain name from Namecheap or GoDaddy, two most reliable company.

After register a domain name, you need to store the domain that you registered. For that, you need to choose a hosting company that have good services.

For hosting, I recommend Bluehost, one of the best hostings on the web.

The last things you need to do install WordPress.

With Bluehost, you can install WordPress with one click

Here is the video how to install WordPress with bluehost

after installing WordPress, you need to do some important task like change theme, delete the defult post and install plugins. this article cover all the things you need to know

Read here:
Most important things you need to do after installing WordPress

How to write content for your blog

So your blog ready to publish content. If you want to write yourself, it’s time-consuming. I don’t recommend that Because of it kill a lot of your time. Our aim is to create a website that makes money with WordPress in 48 hours.

So you need to hire a writer, you find a lot of great writer with cheap prices on the internet.

Upwork and iwriter is good place hire writer.

The question is how many contents you need to launch your website?

At least 10 articles. The more the better. If you want to make money with affiliate marketing, then you need some products review content.

For example, I assume your topic is Baby Accessories. So make content like best baby accessories, baby accessories review etc.

If you publish 10 content, make sure you have at least 2 review content. And the rest is informative content.

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Monetize your WordPress website

If you want to make money with WordPress in 48 hours, you need to monetize your content very quickly. Even when you haven’t any visitor.

Google AdSense and affiliate marketing is an easy way to make money with WordPress very quickly.

Google AdSense: Google Adsense is a CPC based advertisement. You need to embed code to show the advertisement to your website that provides Google Adsense.

CPC means cost per click. When visitors click on an ad, you get paid. But you need to approve in Google Adsense at first. Before the registration in Google Adsense, ensure you create legal pages like about, contact, privacy policy and disclosure page.

Affiliate marketing: affiliate marketing is the process that you get commission by promoting other people products. It’s one of the easy ways to earn money from your WordPress website.

At first, you need to join the affiliate network where you find products to promote. Here are some most popular affiliate network

  1. Amazon affiliate
  2. Cj affiliate ( previously commission junction)
  3. Clickbank affiliate
  4. ShareASale
  5. eBay
  6. avantlink

Important note: join related affiliate networks. If you want to promote physical products, you could join the Amazon and eBay affiliate network. To promote digital products like ebook and software, you could join Clickbank, ShareASale and CJ affiliate.

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How to get instant traffic to your blog

You sat up the website, published content and monetize.

So what’s next?

Earn money? No!

If you don’t get any traffic, how can you earn money? So we need some quick targeted traffic to earn some money as our aim to make money with WordPress in 48 hours.

So before earning money, we need some targeted traffic.

The question is how to get quality traffic in quick time.

Don’t worry, I’ll teach you how to get traffic quickly and make money with WordPress in 48 hours.

It’s impossible to get organic ( search engine) traffic because your website is new. It does not matter how quality full your content, you won’t rank. Why? Because Google doesn’t trust a new website.

Instead of organic traffic, well target social traffic. Below I share some method to get traffic instantly

Facebook group

Facebook group is the goldmine for traffic. You just need to join facebook groups that related to your niche (Topic) and promote your website. But be careful, just don’t promote your website. Help people to answer their questions, connect with them. That’s the way you get decent traffic to your WordPress website.


  Quora is a question-answer website where people seeking to truthful answer. Your job is answering their question. How to answer effectively to drive targeted traffic?

It’s easy. Just answer their question straight. Add some anchor link on your answer. And finally, add your link below the answer as a source.

That’s the way I get a lot of traffic to my website. It’s proven tactics to get traffic instantly.

Advertise online: this is the paid method to get traffic to your website. Social media, PPC  are an excellent way to get instant traffic to your website in no time.

Guest posting

Guest posting means writing an article for someone else’s website. That’s one of the best ways to get traffic to a new blog.

Contact people with a similar niche to yours and ask them are they accept guest post.

Make sure you publish a guest post similar to your niche and have a decent amount of traffic. That’s it.

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So you worked hard 48 hours. And it’s time to earn money from your blog. If you do all the things correctly, I am sure, you’ll find some bucks in your Adsense account or affiliate account.

Caution: its possible to make money from WordPress in 48 hours. But you don’t need to be such a crazy. A WordPress website is a lifetime asset. So if you create a WordPress website once, you get the benefit lifetime.  

So take time, plan for your website, select a good niche and slowly create a website. That’s a way you get most the benefit.


if you want to make money from WordPress in 48 hours, you need to follow the exact step what I describe above. Choose a niche, select domain, store your website, create content and at eventually earn money. It’s not easy, but if you try hard, I must say you get your result quickly. As I said, it’s better to take time and create an awesome website. So the decision is yours. I hope you’ll make money on your website very quickly.

I hope you like this post. If so, please give a share this post. Your share helped me lot spread my website. thanks.

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  1. This is a great post. It’s an excellent resource for newbies or for long-timers who just haven’t taken the steps to monetize their blog.

  2. A great way to get people excited to start blogging. However, blogging shouldn’t solely be about making money, it should be about writing what you love! You do offer lots of helpful tips to starting a blog and how to propel it to the public though! 🙂

  3. This is very ambitious yet not entirely impossible to do within 48 hours. Good resource for those new to blogging.

  4. That’s great advice, I’ve been struggling with monetizing my blog. Affiliate marketing looks like a good start.

  5. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    I will have to try Quora. It looks like a great way to get traffic to my site. That is what I am struggling with lately because of the high competition with websites/blogs in the same niche as mine.

  6. Hmm, I think you can make money with wordpress in 48 hours given that you already have a good site running for more than a year. :0)

  7. This is some really great advice on how to make some money. I know that so many are looking into doing just this!

  8. Yes, you can monetize your blog and earn income on it but I doubt it is that simple. For most people, the learning curve is huge so a realistic, non bait click approach is to build up your blog steadily and sincerely.

  9. Hi, what a nice post about earning money online. Informative and easy to understand too. It’s true that earning money from a WordPress blog is possible if you can write this kind of an article on a regular basis. Thanks for share it.

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