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7 Effortless Ways to Get Targeted Traffic to New Blog

It’s really frustrating.

You have found exciting content ideas. Research the content for a long 2 hours. And then you have outlined the content, write, edit and finally publish your content.

You also share this content in the facebook blog page, twitter personal account and some other places.

And now you have been waiting for a full day to see visitors. Not thousands of visitors, you happy with hundred.

But result even worse. You get only 6 visitors in total.

Discouraging, frustrating. Right?

You may tell yourself blogging is not for you.

But the good is news is you are wrong. You predict it so early.

I have been there, too. Not so long ago when I had no traffic, no comments. It was so frustrating as now you’re felling.

But I didn’t give up blogging. I knew blogging isn’t sprint, its marathon. It’s like a tree. It slowly grows up but you can’t see the growth.

My initial days of blogging I read a lot. And I remember the most common topic I read how to get traffic to my blog.

I was overwhelmed. There were so many traffic tips. What to follow? I experimented with some traffic tips. Some worked, some didn’t.

Anyway, I share some traffic tips that worked for me these early days. I think it also going to work for you.

Let’s start

1. Blog comment

Why do I mention this first?  Because its the most effective way to get initial traffic. Not only get traffic to new blog, if you leave the appropriate comment, you can also build strong connections with fellow bloggers and get sweet backlinks.

But be careful. If you leave a comment like nice, good post. It doesn’t help anymore. You need to leave a thoughtful, insightful comment.

get traffic to new blog with comment
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get traffic to new blog with comment

As you see she added so much value. You need to write comments like this. That’s the way you get real benefit from comment.

2. Network with fellow bloggers to get traffic

Rayn Biddulph is a  firm believer of networking. He mentions and shares other bloggers so generously. I am inspired by him to share other blogger content. And you know what? They also share my content.

Join facebook group, participate in the discussion. Share other bloggers, mention them in your blog so generously.

As a result, they read your blog, if they like your blog, they may share your blog also.

Similarly, you can use Twitter to network with other fellow bloggers. As a beginner, networking is an effective method to get a good amount of traffic.

3. Get Traffic to new blog with facebook groups

Facebook groups provide good traffic if you use it effectively. After joining a facebook group, you can not share your link immediately. If you do that, people treat you like spammer. Instead, participate in discussions, share valuable tips, network with people. And then people slowly start to trust you.

Many groups give you a chance to share your content daily or weekly basis.

get traffic to new blog with Facebook Group Promotion
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get traffic to new blog with Facebook Group Promotion

So join the facebook group in your niche and start promoting yourself.

Here are some good facebook group to join if you want to learn blogging and promote yourself.

  1. The blogger’s team
  2. Hellbound blogger
  3. Master blogging- master the art of blogging
  4. BloggingX – Redefine Your Blogging Excellence
  5. Blogging Cage VIP – Learn Blogging and Digital Marketing
  6. Blogging Lift VIP Group
  7. Bloggers Passion VIP Group
  8. BloggeRoundup – Actionable Blogging Tips

4. Guest posting

have you ever contributed to other blogs? If not, you can try this time.

For who don’t know what is guest blogging- it means writing and publishing content someone’s blog.

Every blogger needs good content. If you are able to provide good content, you’ll not only get a ton of traffic but also get a sweet link. As a bonus, you can build up strong relationships with the blogger.

As a new blogger, guest blogging should be the main weapon in your arsenal.

It’s so powerful that bloggers start guest blogging even after start their own blog. Here is one of the best guide about guest blogging. Read and thrive.

5. Write beneficial content so that readers can’t ignore

If you write mediocre content, people never back to your website again. So you need to write content that readers devour dose after dose.

What if you promote your website social media and readers start to visit your website but they can’t find any helpful information?

They leave for forever. You never see them again.

So, I recommend first to write outstanding content and then start promoting your website. If you give them a good first impression, readers most probably turn into fans.

6. Pinterest

Have you ever used Pinterest? It’s fun.  It also a good traffic source also.

If you just started out on Pinterest, its something difficult but you can generate good traffic with Pinterest group board.

Who yet don’t start with Pinterest, just go to Pinterest. Sign up with a business account. Create 10 board, fill up the board with other people pin. Follow some people related to your niche. Don’t worry. Most people follow you back. And then create your own pin. And enjoy the game.

If you want to know all about Pinterest, you can follow  Adrienne Erin’s ultimate Pinterest guide.

7. Viral Content Bee

Have you heard about it before?

Ok, the viral content bee is a social media platform where you can share your content for social buzz.

People must share your content because you share their content also. It is like you scratch my back and you’ll scratch yours.

I have been using this platform for 3 months and the result is very good. Every day I get a good amount of traffic here.


Now I would like to hare from you

Which traffic do you love most?

Let me know by a quick comment below right now

And another request: if you love this article please share it in social media. I will appreciate it.

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