Apply These 7 Secret Techniques To Choose A Perfect Domain
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Apply These 7 Secret Techniques To Choose A Perfect Domain

You know, it feels crazy.

You can’t wait.

You are so excited to start your blog.

You choose a niche. Now you want to choose a domain name.

But, a problem? You don’t know what’s make domain name perfect?

So as usual, you head over to Google or your favourite blog.

Congratulation, you’re in right destination.

Today I am going to instruct you to how to choose a domain name that perfect, unique and brandable.

So let’s dive right in.

What is a domain anyway?

First things first. A domain name is the identity of your website. It has consist of two-part- a name with extension.

For example, Google is the name and .com is an extension.

Where do you buy a domain

Buying a domain name is simple. but pick a reliable company.  Here are two I recommend

  1. Godaddy
  2. NameCheap

But you find a lot of free option when you buy a domain with hosting. you need to choose a hosting wisely. because hosting is crucial for your success. The good

news is the most reputable company, Bluehost, offer a free domain.

Tool that helps you choose a perfect domain name

Expired domain VS new domain

You have a two option when you buy a domain

1. expired domain

2. Brand new domain

Expired domains are domain that uses before but now doesn’t use anymore by its original owner. The pros of an expired domain are you’ll get a lot of backlinks without any bother that may be done for you by its original owner.

Backlink is most important things when it comes to rank your site in google but it’s also most challenging to get backlinks.

If you want to use an expired domain, you not only get backlinks you also get positive metrics such as good domain age, high domain authority, page rank.

On the other hand, expired domain is also some cons too. If you choose the wrong domain like penalized domain by Google that can vain your project. Before choosing an expired you need some research to go for it. If you want to choose an expired domain for your project this guide from Matthew Woodward can help you.

On the other hand, if you want to start with an entirely new domain, you haven’t any risk or advantage. If you new to create blog, I recommend starting with a fresh domain.

10 tips to pick up a perfect domain name

1. Make it easy to type and keep short

Choose a domain that easy to type. Avoid critical word that people often are misspelt. Choose a word that people easily remember. Keep it short as much as you can. If your domain long, people forget or mistype it.

2. Avoid hyphens and number

Whats make an ugly domain name? Hyphen and number. People don’t want to use special character like hyphens. Completely avoid it.

3. Be memorable

Have you ever heard any word that sees only once and doesn’t forget it? I have some word like this. So choose a catchy domain that people can’t forget.

4. Use (com) extension

People instinctively using .com after a name when search for a website. Many people have no idea about other extensions like biz, org, net.  Com extension also makes a domain looking professional. So avoid other extensions.

5. Choose a domain that looks like brandable

A brandable domain is crucial for long term business. Think about Google? When it comes into mind, the first thing we think about Google is a search engine. So choose a domain like this. Don’t use a generic term or keyword.

6. Use domain name generator tool

Don’t panic if your domain name is already taken. You can choose a great domain with the use of tool. They make cool domain name. In the above, I mentioned some tool you can use.

7. Research your domain name

Before a register a domain name,  cheek any other business use the same name you choose.

If you choose a domain that similar to other, it makes legal issue later. So choose wisely

8. Act quickly

Every day thousands of people looking for good domain name. If you find a domain that matches your criteria, don’t be late. Buy this domain as soon as possible.

If you don’t act fast, someone may steal your domain.

Final thoughts

Choose a domain name is a serious task. You need to choose very carefully and wisely. Use this above tips to ensure you choose a perfect domain for your blog.

How to Choose a Perfect Domain Name For A blog

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