7 Blog Writing Tips I Wish I Knew Before Start Blogging
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7 Blog Writing Tips I Wish I Knew Before Start Blogging

Every time you write an article and then spread on social media. It seems you rarely get traffic.

Sound familiar?

It happens. With every blogger, every new blogger, with me also.

The question is how to write content that people want to read, want to stick, want to comment and share?

No problem.

Today I am going to share my personal experiences about blog writing tips that I have learned from hundreds of article and books.

Are you ready?

Let’s dive

Organize your content with an outline

Have you ever drive a car on an unfamiliar road without a map? If you did, what was the felling?

I know know, you didn’t know where you go. You just randomly drive the car and enjoy it.

Like that, if you write a blog post without an outline, you don’t know where your destination. You just randomly write. No flow, no structure.

So Outline is super important. The question is how to make an awesome outline.

Steal outline from Udemy

Udemy is an online learning platform where you learn any topic you want.

How to use udemy: go to udemy and enter your writing topic.

For example, let’s say you want to write about copywriting. Just enter your topic on the search box. You’ll find a lot of courses. Select one that a lot of reviews and suitable for your topic.

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And then go to the course content section and grab the goldmine.

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Pro tip: don’t just copy and write. Eliminate section that doesn’t make sense. Use section that only suitable for your topic.

Read Competitors blog

It’s my favourite outline technique. It works even when you haven’t any idea you just want to write. Its simple technique but very powerful.

Here is how you do it:

Head over to Google and enter your keyword (topic). Read the contents as much as possible. But make sure you note the idea that you want to add your content.

That’s so effective because you steal your competitor best tips . as a bonus, you learn all the things you need to know to make your content astonishing.  

Pro tips: don’t rewrite your competitor idea, add something extra. make sure your idea is better than your competitors.

Writing winning headline

Imagine, you write a great book. Design your book cover.

But one mistake: your book cover looks dull. Result: no one read your book.

Like that, if your headline doesn’t seduce people, no one read your writing.

Probably, a headline is the most important things.

So make sure your headline enchanting, click-worthy.

Here is how you do that:

Use number

Look at this headline

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And another one

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Which is the most compelling?

Yes, the second one. This the power of the number. People love number.

Headlines with number way better than any other type of headline

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Use powerful but simple word:

Powerful words emphasise your keyword. So make sure to use  simple powerful words such as:

  • Amazing
  • Breathtaking
  • Effortless
  • Epic
  • Mind-blowing
  • Stunning
  • Unforgettable

Make Exciting  promise you can deliver

What exactly your visitor learn after reading your content? Include that in your headline.

Here is the promising headline.

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Use This simple formula to write audacious Headline

Number + trigger word+ powerful words + your keyword + promise

You can also use tools that tell how powerful your headline is.

Here is the example of coschedule headline analyzer result

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Write intro that hook

Like headlines, Intro is also important.

You need to hook them in the intro. If your readers don’t find what they need, they press the back button. So you need to write an appealing intro.

Here is the simple method to write an intro that seduces to read.

Start with a question:  you want to people connect your content then ask a question they suffer most. Ask a question that related your content.

You can ask a question like this:

What are you struggling with the most right now?

And tell you them you going to provide solutions. They must be hooked.

Or tell a story related to your content.

You can also use APP. I Frist hear about this method from brain dean.

A= Agree

P= promise

P= preview

First, you agree with something with your reader. Then they say, yes, it happens with me.

And then promise they going to learn something after reading this post.

Here is the example

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And last, tell them what they learn.

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This exact strategy I follow some of my blog post and the result is amazing.

How to write the body of the post

Now, you know how to write an intro of your post. Now you need to write body copy.

Here is how to write body copy step by step:

  1. write the most important things about your topic
  2. Add some personal experiences
  3. If you have proof about your personal experience, show them.
  4. Show them your reader also can do that

For example, let’s say you want to write how to increase organic traffic

So say something that important like this

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Then show them proof

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And then write a detailed tutorial how your readers also can do that

Use short sentences and enough whitespace.

You know, the online reader is always in a hurry. When they find their solution, they left. If you want to stick with them in your content, use short sentence and enough white space.

If you use a giant wall of text, it looks tiring. People don’t read this kind of article anymore. Because they know, these days, there are a lot of alternatives out there.

People love to read simple and easy writing.  As a writer, your job is not showing your skill. Your job gives them an easy solution. And keep in mind, your audience is not only English speaking countries.

So make sure your writing as easy as non-native people find your content understandable.

Add subheadings and bullet points

Subheadings are very important for your blog post. People always skim through content. If you don’t give them an option to read any specific section, they press the back button.

As we know that people always skim your article and then read. So why not highlight your best information with bullet points.

So make sure add bullet points and subheadings to your content.

How to write a conclusion:

You have worked hard past few hours to write your content. its time to recap

Here is an effective way to end your article:

first, summarize your content. Highlights your main points step by step.

And then ask any question that encourages them to leave a comment. You can ask their opinion about your post.

And finally, ask readers to share your blog post.


that’s it for you. If you follow the above step, I must say, your writing will improve.

What other ideas can you add this list? Leave a comment, I add it main content with your link.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. If so, please give it a share. Your share is extremely helpful for me. I appreciate it.

13 thoughts on “7 Blog Writing Tips I Wish I Knew Before Start Blogging”

  1. Your article is extremely helpful. The writing process is overwhelming but I have not the outline process to kick off my work. I am looking forward to trying out your tips.

  2. The outline tip opened my eyes Mahmudul. Everything gets easier if you create an outline to work from. Creates order in the mind which allows words to flow smoothly and easily. Rocking post!

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