I teach people how to start blogs that receive thousands of visitors every month and generate passive income


I am Mahmudul Hasan.

I am a blogger behind SmartMoneyInsight.com

I help people to start a blog, grow their blog and eventually generate income from their blog.

I frankly say I am a not guru in the blogosphere. I am a normal guy like you. I learn from other blog, implement it my website and then eventually share with you. I must say, I am still struggling. But No matter how hard it is, I am going to make it.

I want to say something about you. Do you hear me?

Never give up, never stop believing what you do. Be confident. Stay true yourself. One day your dreams come true.

This blog is not for you if you’re looking for quike and shady trics and want to be rich very quickly.

This blog for who:

1. really want to make money from blogging.

2. Have a long term goal

3. Want to work hard

I have a story to tell with you but not today. But surely share with you one day.

Till then, Good luck.